Migrating Spring to Java EE 6 Article Series at OTN - Part 3

The spring season is characterized by migration of birds, whales, butterflies, frogs, and other animals for different reasons. If you use Spring framework and are interested in migrating to a standards-based Java EE platform, for whatever reason, then we have a solution for you.


David Heffelfinger's, a renowned author and an ardent Java EE fan, has published third part of Spring to Java EE migration series at OTN. The article series takes a typical Spring application and shows how to migrate it to Java EE 6 using NetBeans.

This new part builds upon part 1 and part 2 and also compares the generated WAR files and LoC in XML configuration in the two environments. There is an interesting discussion on Why Java EE 6 over Spring ? as well.


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