Metro on GlassFish v3 TP2


The GFv3 TP2 does not include the SOAP web services stack - Metro - (content) but it has all the required hooks and Metro is available from the v3 download center, as Bhakti explains in her Latest Note.

Installation is straight-forward with the new UpdateCenter (ScreenShot). Try it out and let us know how it goes.

BTW, for those curious, you can poke to the IPS repositories through HTTP: windows, linux, mac, solaris SPARC, solaris x86

PS. As you can see, in addition to Metro, the GFv3 repository includes Grails support, Jersey (RESTful Web Services), jMaki/AJAX, and jRuby. Since TP2 already includes the Java Web Tier (Servlet+JSP+JSF) and JPA (EclipseLink), it is actually a very functional release - please share your experiences with it.


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