Metro - Now on Tomcat 6.x also

Apache Tomcat 6.0

Which Web services stack is integrated in GlassFish, TmaxSoft JEUS 6 and WebLogic Server 10, supported on JBoss, works on Tomcat 5.x, Jetty, Java SE, and now also work on Tomcat 6.x as well ?

Metro is the answer and the list of containers keep growing. Metro can be easily installed on Tomcat 5.x using the installation script with the download bundle. An updated directory structure in Tomcat 6.x require a minor update to the script though.

Rama describes the change required to run JAX-WS samples on Tomcat 6.x. And my blog describes how to install Metro bundle on Tomcat 6.x to develop a Secure, Reliable and Transactional Web service endpoint. We will make these changes as part of the installation script so that you don't have to worry about version specific changes.

Let us know if you have tried Metro, or any of its component, on any other container.


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