Metro and Fourth Microsoft Interop Plugfest

Ken, Mike, Jiandong, Harold at Plugfest

Metro, the Web services stack in GlassFish V2, participated in the fourth Microsoft Interoperability Plugfest. Read Harold's report for more details.

Metro is already interoperable with .NET 3.0 and Microsoft is working on .NET 3.5 framework. This plugfest participation was to ensure that there are no regressions when a Metro 1.0 client try to invoke a .NET 3.0 endpoint deployed using .NET 3.5 runtime and vice versa.

We have already done extensive testing between Metro 1.0 and .NET 3.0. The next version of Metro will align with the specifications used in .NET 3.5.

You may also want to read about our participation in first, second, and third plugfest.


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