Metro 1.1 and Beyond - Roadmap Now Available

Clip of the Tabula Peutingeriana

The RoadMap for Metro is now available. Metro 1.0.1, a small bug-fix release, is part of GlassFish v2UR1 (should be out next week) and Metro 1.1 is almost ready, with bigger changes and targeted for GFv2.1. The roadmap goes all the way through Metro 2.1 and it correlates the JAX-WS RI, WSIT, Metro, Jersey, GlassFish and NetBeans. A major change is that there will no longer be separate releases of WSIT.

Vivek provides context in his writeup with full details in the Roadmap document. Note that there are simultaneous Metro release trains, with stable releases interwoven with early accesses of newer

PS, if you like maps, I think you should check out the Tabula Peutingeriana: it is a 13th century copy of the Cursus Publicus, used by the Roman Couriers. It really shows that All Roads Lead to Rome. The full-res version is particularly impressive.


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