MEP - Writing an Enterprise Connector

The SJS Mobile Enterprise Platform (MEP) (product site, TA anouncement) is the GlassFish-based platform that can be used to developing mobile enterprise applications. Writing a new application for MEP involves two parts: a client app to run on the device and a connector to access the data at the back-end.


Santiago has started a series describing the back-end connectors (more on the client side later) , starting with the Enterprise Connector Business Object (ECBO) API which provide a high-level abstraction of data to be sent as OMA DL (nee SyncML) to the client. Santiago's first entry Provides Background and Overview of ECBO while his second describes the BusinessObject Abstraction using the MusicAlbum example from the MEP download that synchronizes data against an RDBM (like MySQL).

The detailed official MEP Product Documentation covers Installation, Development, Deployment and Adminstration, as well as an Architectural overview; coverage at TheAquarium is tagged MEP.


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