Manage JUGs with Java EE 6 and GlassFish


CEJUG leader, Hildeberto has recently shared his work building an application to manage JUGs as a whole: members, events, sponsors, etc. His work is an open source project on and open for collaboration (trunk svn), including with existing projects such as JUGEvents.

The set of technologies used for building the application so far is not really a stack but rather a platform: Java EE 6, with special mention for JSF 2.0 (with PrimeFaces), EJB 3.1 and JPA 2.0. All of it running on GlassFish 3.0.1 with a MySQL database. Reading the blog post, you'll also notice a nice plug for NetBeans used "due to its productivity when developing JavaEE applications".

The overal goal for the project is to better understand what different members expect from the JUG and how to improve based on real feedback. You can read more about this project on Hildeberto's Portuguese blog and start testing the application here (temporary site).

Java User Groups (JUG) are still, 15 years into Java, as vibrant as ever. If you've never attended a JUG meeting, look for one close to you on JUGEvents and be sure to check out the Java User Groups International Map.

UPDATE: Read more details about the configuration and architecture of this application here.


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