Mailing Lists for GF v3 and HK2 - What goes Where...

Photo of K2

There was a lot of interest for GlassFish V3 and HK2 at last week's JavaOne. The two technologies are related but since it is possible to use HK2 outside of GlassFish v3 we have gave it its own project and Mailing Lists.

So, if you have discussions about what you like or not about V3, go to the DEV@GF or USERS@GF mailing lists, while the DEV@HK2 alias is specific to the component and modular subsystems in HK2.

Note: the home page for HK2 currently claims there are no mailing lists; ignore it and go here

Note-2: somebody pointed out that HK2 had no clear license. The license should be the same as GFv3: GPLv2 and CDDL; if it is missing it was an oversight and we will fix it asap.


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