Magnum - The Big, The Nano, The Ice Cream


Sun has announced a new InfiniBand switch, the NanoMagnum (DataCenter Switch 3x24); see BMSeer intro and Sun's Press Release. Josh has a Detailed Note that shows how NanoMagnum works, including how 4 NanoMagnums can provide full interconnectivity with 288 nodes (blade servers).

NanoMagnum's bigger brother Magnum (DataCenter Switch 3456) can connect 3456 nodes, or 13,824 in a group of 4. There is a nice description of the two switches in this Interactive Tour. The full systems are the Constellation Systems: home page, tour.

And then there is also the Magnum Ice Cream. Arguably more useful in hot days like today :-)

I've tagged this entry with (geeky) Toys :-)


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