LightView: JavaFX 2 real-time visualizer for GlassFish

Adam Bien launched LightFish, a light-weight monitoring and visualization application for GlassFish. It comes with a introduction and a screencast to get you started.

The tool provides monitoring information about threads and memory (such as heap size, thread count, peak thread count), transactions (commits and rollbacks), HTTP sessions, JDBC sessions, and even "paranormal activity".


In a recently released first part of a tri-part article series at OTN, Adam explains how REST services can be exposed as bindable set of properties for JavaFX. The article titled "Enterprise side of JavaFX" shows how a practical combination of REST and JavaFX together.

It explains how read-only and dynamic properties can be created. The fine-grained binding model allows clear separation of the view, presentation, and business logic.

Read the first part here.


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