Learning EJB3 - For Beginners and Advanced Users


Here are wwo ways to get into EJB 3.x. For the complete beginner, Adam has a EJB 3.0 in 5 minutes. And for the advanced user, PACKT Books just published Michael Sikora's EJB 3 Developer Guide home page, TOC, Amazon). Both use the GlassFish Server

For a while I thought that EJBs were always going to be - or be perceived as - "too (conceptual) heavy"; maybe EJB 3.1 and EJB3.1 lite will actually change this. More EJB notes at EJB posts at TA


Hi, dear...

can you help me to learn java very well in programming, i am analyst programming so i need to now about it very well.



Posted by biaya tshimankinda on July 05, 2008 at 04:06 AM PDT #

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