Latest GlassFish Portfolio WebCasts and White Papers

Harpreet is coordinating several of the GlassFish Porfolio outreach activities, and he has been providing updates on the latest white papers and webcasts ([1], [2]). Summarizing from there, the new entries are:


Writing Jersey Client (white paper)
Optimizing GlassFish for CMT systems (white paper)
Migrating to GlassFish (webcast)
HA in GlassFish (webcast)
Dynamic Language on GlassFish (webcast)
Management and Monitoring in GlassFish (webcast)

All GlassFish Portfolio resources are listed in the resource page although Harpreet said some of the entries above won't be there until next week. Also note that you will need to register (it is free) to access the resources.


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