Latest Dates for GlassFish v2

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Here are the new proposed dates for GlassFish v2:

•  beta1 - today (March 12th, 2007)
•  beta2 - early May
•  beta3 - mid-June
•  fcs - August

Beta1 is a solid beta for developers (see this review at TSS) and works very well in developer profile. Beta1 works well in cluster profile for a small number of nodes but encounters issues in larger (> 4) clusters. Also, the performance degradation of enabling memory replication is higher than what we want.

Beta2 is a refresh before JavaOne that will fix the clustering / replication issues and should be very solid. We understand the fixes needed, so we have confidence in the schedule.

Beta3 is fully featured and bomb-proof and it is targetted to everybody, including those enterprises that are exploiting the 5-9's availabilty in SJS AS 8.2. Hopefully beta3 will just be beta2, but we will be doing a lot of testing in many configurations and arrangements, including taking advantage of HADB and testing against all the components in Java Enteprise System 5.

The GlassFish Wiki will contain the new roadmap within a couple of days.


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