Lady Java, Sparky, Duke... and the Butler at JavaZone 2010

This week is JavaZone, the conference organized in Oslo by JavaBin.  Alexis presented on GlassFish there in 2007 (video) and this year's conference seems will be the best so far, both for its technical program and the fun activities.

Starting with the fun part, check out these two, very professional looking, videos:

Video #1: is the Java 4 Ever trailer.

The cast for the video includes Williams Windows, Scala Johansson, Eddie Larrison and LennyLinux.  The video reminds me of the early JavaOne videos, specially that confessional about the impure thoughts - anybody has a link to a copy online?

Video #2 is a LadyJava Music Video.

The title character is performed by Jenny Skavlan (no.Wikipedia and en). It looks like most of the rest of the cast were volunteers; see invitation to recording. The music video is already available at YouTube - where it has already collected more than 260K views!

This one does not remind me of any JavaOne videos :-)  Check it out and you will see..

On the technical side, the Program Catalog includes sessions representing many of our friends & relatives, including:

As usual with these conferences, there are other events aligning with it, including a Hudson Meetup and a ForgeRock party where Alexis will present about GlassFish.

Post conferences reports, and get ready for JavaOne - it is just around the corner.


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