Kicking the tires of Grails in GlassFish v3

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In his latest blog, Vivek (the new Scripting lead for GlassFish) reports his experience deploying a Grails application to GlassFish v3. We want GlassFish to be a great container for all scripting languages, from JRuby on Rails and P/Jython (Django?) to PHP, Grails and others.

With the recent fixes that went into GlassFish v3, a Grails application deploys in about 10 seconds. While v3 is not yet a final release (latest Tech Preview 2 build available here), it is important for us to track multiple web container use-cases such as Grails application deployment.

The technical integration and user experience of using Grails and GlassFish together can probably still be improved. Stay tuned.


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