Kevin Meeks evaluates GlassFish ESB, and a free GlassFish ESB tutorial


Kevin Meeks evaluated a number of different Open Source projects for for an enterprise architecture technology stack, one of them being GlassFish ESB. He published his findings in an article on

Kevin illustrated his experiences with a short tutorial, guiding the reader from installation to creating and testing a simple composite application. If you're new to GlassFish ESB, this is well worth your time to get acquainted with GlassFish ESB quickly.

Kevin looked at what’s available in the OpenESB community, the uptake of the community, the cost model, etc. and liked what he saw. He concludes: There are significant developments underway in the GlassFish project community, and as your SOA/EA efforts may face tighter budget challenges, there is real value to be leveraged by considering the GlassFish Java EE Server and GlassFish ESB project (...). The excellent integration with NetBeans IDE simply adds to the value proposition.


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