JWSDP 2.0 on GlassFish

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Welcome to Ias to The Aquarium. Ias is a contributor in a number of our projects, and also a contributor to Apache.

Ias' latest blog talks about the just pre-released Java WSDP 2.0. Ias shows how to use JWSDP 2.0 on the latest GlassFish including how to get around several several small problems ; you may want to check them out to save yourself some time. The major problem is that b32 (just released) insists, properly, that the descriptors for applications using the new Java EE 5 specs use the appropriate deployment descriptors. That was a change from b31 which is, I believe, what was used for testing Java WSDP 2.0. The changes are pretty straight-forward and I know they will be fixed in future releases.


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