July 08 GeoMap Available

The GeoMap for July 08 is now available (Snapshot, Live). The map is derived from the IP addresses of GlassFish Server instances fetching content for the admin console.


As of July '08, we have 3,978,558 cumulative hits, and 412,081 cumulative distinct IP addresses.

The map is a good indicator of geographic adoption but it both undercounts (e.g. GFs used through NetBeans often never display the console, requires network connectivity) and overcounts (e.g. multiple visits to the console, multiple IPs through DHCP).

We just posted the July results because the "quick-and-dirty" approach we had been using finally started having scalability problems. Jamey modified the implementation to use Hadoop and we are now back on business.

The August 08 numbers will be out mid next week and I'll do a more complete report then.


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