July 06 - GlassFish Rankings at Java.Net (Corrected Metrics)

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We have been tracking Java.Net stats (e.g. June 06) as one of several ways to gauge adoption. The stats for July 06 came out a few weeks ago and, as in the past, GlassFish looked good: #1 in membership, accesses and hits, and, through jaxb2-reflection, also in commits, but mail traffic dropped from #1 to #10. I checked and found the explanation in Matt's blog.

All these metrics are just approximations but they are useful and I want to collect more accurate numbers. I did a quick check and mail (and forum) traffic is increasing substantially this month as part of our Increased Transparency. I'll write a real report at the end of the month but, if you are curious, you can look here.

Earlier rankings are here: [Dec 05], [Jan 06], [Feb 06], [Mar 06], [Apr 06], [May 06], [June 06].


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