JSR 299 - WebBeans is Dead. Long Live Java Contexts and Dependency Injection!

Although I already mentioned the News on Friday I think it deserves its own entry with a more noticeable title.


WebBeans is no more; the specification created by the JSR 299 Expert Group (under Gavin King) has been revised substantially and has been renamed to Java Context and Dependenty Injection. Perhaps a less catchy name but, as Gavin indicates, this has been done...

...to better reflect the fact that the focus of 299 is the definition of services that apply to all EE component types, rather than the creation of a new component model

Check out Gavin's announcement for an overview and download the draft from the PRD page. Also check out Roberto's commentary. The PR for 299 ends on Feb 9th, the EC vote is Feb 6th to the 9th.


Hi, folks.

Yeah! Java Context and Dependenty Injection is by fair a better name than the ambiguous Web Beans. I've just learned the Spring Framework and if the API will be similar to it then we should expect a great improvement in how we build JEE applications.


Borys Marcelo

Posted by Borys Marcelo on January 25, 2009 at 08:32 PM PST #

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