JSFOne 2008 conference, September 4th - 6th

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I don't believe this was previously covered here, but Kito Mann has announced JSFOne, a conference dedicated to JavaServer Faces. The conference already has a great speaker lineup: David Geary, Michael Yuan, Google's Chris Schalk, our very own Ed Burns, Kito Mann himself, IceFaces' Ted Goddard, GlassFish community member Jason Lee, and more.

Kito recently blogged an update to this conference. Dates are September 4th - 6th, 2008 in Vienna, VA with 40+ sessions in four different tracks.

On a related note, JSF 2.0 (a part of Java EE 6) is shaping up nicely and if you haven't already seen Ryan Lubke's series on the subject, this post has the links to all the entries. Other JSF news is available using the jsf tag.


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