Be Productive - JSF Component Libraries for GlassFish

Poster for The Matrix Reloaded

The JSF Matrix keeps a table of JSF component libraries (although the comments suggest it needs updating) and Ryan just published a short note pointing to it. Pretty much all the component libraries work with GlassFish (we cheat a bit, most of the AppServers are using Mojarra, our JSF implementation).

Libraries explicitly mentioned by Ryan from those in the JSF Matrix include our own Woodstock, ICEfaces, Apache Trinidad, Apache Tomahawk, JBoss RichFaces and Blueprints. He also lists Mojarra Scales and Mannor'n Rock.

We would like to make it easier for you to run any of these libraries in your GlassFish application; let us know if you discover problems and we will collaborate with the library owners to fix them.


[Trackback] This matrix is really useful. It compares many (18) different JSF frameworks. Most of them come with a link to demos, documentation and license information. [Thanks to aquarium for this hint]

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