JSF 2.x's renaissance

JAXenter's Chris Mayer posted a column last week about the "JavaServer Faces enjoying Java EE renaissance under Oracle's stewardship".


This piece discusses the adoption and increased ecosystem (component libraries, tools, runtimes, ...) since the release of JSF 2.0 as well as ongoing work on 2.2.

As Cameron Purdy comments, Oracle as a company certainly has vested interest in JSF and will continue to invest in the technology. Specifically for JSF 2.2, and as this other article points out, a lot of the work has to do with alignment with HTML5 (see this example) and making the technology even more mobile-friendly (along with the main Java EE 7 "PaaS" theme of course).

Chris' article concludes with "JSF appears to be the answer for highly-interactive Java-centric organisations who were hesitant of making a huge leap to JavaScript, and wanted the best RIA applications at their disposal".


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