JSF 2.2 recent progress - Early Draft

JSF specification lead Ed Burns has an update on the progress of JSF 2.2, another component which should be required as part of the upcoming Java EE 7 standard.

JSF spec logo

This includes a reminder of the scope of this specification, the availability of the early draft and height specific features that are being worked on and split into "Mostly Specified Features" and "Not Yet Fully Specified Features" (I think you can read the latter as "at risk"). My favorite is "763-EverythingIsInjectable".

Remember that JSF 2.2 is due out in the middle of 2012 which is in time to be integrated in the Java EE 7 platform JSR (currently scheduled for second half of 2012). In the mean time, JSF 2.2 nightly builds are available.


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