JSF 2.1 & Mojarra new home, Hudson job and more


A few days ago, JSF spec lead Ed Burns provided a community update for the Mojarra community project (the JSF reference implementation) on his blog. In his post, Ed discusses the new infrastructure and new home for the mojarra.java.net project, for the issue tracker (another happy JIRA camper) and for the SVN repository (we'll get to Git/Hg one day!.

Ed also shares the URL for a Hudson job of JSF 2.1 builds for the upcoming GlassFish 3.1 release. As a reminder, JSF 2.0 was integrated into the Java EE 6 platform a year ago and offers a great set of new features with standardized facelets, integrated Ajax support (with or without javascript), and composite components to name a few. JSF 2.1 is a maintenance release (MR2) to the JSF 2.0 specification and has a minimum set of changes detailed in the specification and change log (new <facelets-processing> tag, a change to the Restore View Phase, updated schema, ...).

Beyond the upcoming GlassFish 3.1 release, JSF 2.x (via its Mojarra reference implementation) is already in Oracle WebLogic Server (check out this NetBeans tutorial is you haven't already) and is a key component for Oracle ADF.


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