JSF 2.0 Preview Series - View Scope, Component Object, FacesContext Attributes Map


One more note from Ryan on his JSF 2.0 Preview series. This one covers View Scope, Component Implicit EL Object and FacesContext Attributes Map. Collecting them all chronologically for ease of references:

Part 1 - Packaging / Project Staging
Part 2.1 - Resources
Part 2.2 - Resource APIs
Part 2.3 - Resources and EL
Part 3 - Publish/Subscribe Event System
Part 4 - Resource Re-location
Part 5 - EDR1 Potpourri (just added)

Ryan's note completes the new features in EDR1. To install it you can follow the instructions in the Release Notes.

The image shown with this entry is a drawing of La Mojarra Stela 1 from research lead by Terrence Kaufman - see the Larger Image.


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