JSF 2.0 Preview Series - Publish/Subscribe Events and Resource Relocation


Ryan has written two more notes on his JSF 2.0 Preview series. Collecting them all chronologically for ease of references:

Part 1 - Packaging / Project Staging
Part 2.1 - Resources
Part 2.2 - Resource APIs
Part 2.3 - Resources and EL
Part 3 - Publish/Subscribe Event System (just added)
Part 4 - Resource Re-location (just added)

Ryan is also leading the Mojarra Implementation, the production-ready, Reference Implementation that will be used in GlassFish v3, and he also just announced the Early Access Implementation.

JSF's adoption seems to continue to be strong and to grow. I am beginning to think the adoption is bimodal, it depends very much on what market/geography one considers. For example, see Kito's JSF Jobs writeup.

Note: also see reviews/summaries of Ryan's posts by Ed and in earlier TA's spotlights: here and here.



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