JPA Delivers Portability - Kodo, WebLogic and GlassFish

Diagram for Kodo

BEA released Kodo 4.0 during JavaOne together with a version of WebLogic 9.2 that has an early preview of EJB 3.0 (other portions of Java EE 5 are not yet there). Sahoo checked Kodo and he reports that Kodo succesfully plugs into GlassFish. Additionally his friend Pinaki Poddar at BEA has written some Web Application examples using EJB 3.0 and JPA [1], [2], and then checked that the whole thing can be Migrated to GlassFish.

This pluggability provides additional options to the developers. For example, the GlassFish users can now choose between the bundled GF JPA implementation, Hibernate or Kodo. Those guarantees will Speed up the Transition to JPA.


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