Joyent Accelerator for MySQL


Joyent and Sun have announced a highly tuned MySQL Accelerator that claims 2x-4x better performance than EC2 (but see comments).

Joyent focuses on "Enterprise-Class Cloud Computing", with offerings on Public Cloud and the Private Cloud, plus a new Smart Platform in beta (tutorial). Joyent's Cloud is Based on OpenSolaris and they are the largest OpenSolaris installation in the world.

Joyent and Sun have a long collaboration on Software and Hardware ([1], [2], [3]). One of the containers supported in Joyent's Accelerators is GlassFish; see [4], [5], [6], and the MySQL Appliance, plus the Zeus Accelerator (built using ZXTM's Extensible Traffic Manager) and GlassFish make a very good Java Stack. We had covered Joyent's hosting in earlier posts (@TA, @MtR).

BTW, while checking on this piece, I see that Joyent has Sold Strongspace and BingoDisk to ExpandDrive so they can "... focus on Joyent Accelerators and Joyent Smart".


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