John Shows GlassFish v2 Clustering in 10 Minutes


John just posted a very nice screencast showing how to go From Zero to a v2 Cluster in 10 minutes, including download, asadmin configuration, GUI configuration, and tests. Pretty neat, check it out.

Easy configuration of Clustering is one of the assets of GlassFish, and, as users move into production, the interest is growing. A couple of weeks ago I highlighted some Posts and Slides on Clustering and also uploaded slides to SLX and SlideShare and they have proven quite popular.

Given the interest, I have started collecting links for a Proposed Webinar Set on the topic; hopefully in January.


I blogged earlier about GlassFish "stacks". I believe screencasts such as these are excellent ways of showing the power of GlassFish and the ease of providing solutions with it. It seems that the easier it is to configure a product, the more interest there is.

Posted by Jose Diaz-Gonzalez on December 11, 2008 at 04:41 PM PST #

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