Grails News: JNDI Data Sources, "Grails in Action" Book, NetBeans Support, and IBM DeveloperWorks


I just noticed that Glen has started working on a Grails in Action book that looks very interesting. While working on that, he is collecting good tips like Grails and JNDI Data Sources in GlassFish.

Grails continues to gain adoption (Google Trend), leveraging the strengths of the language and framework and its easy integration into the Java plaform.

NetBeans is investing to be a top IDE for Grails, see Grails Plugin for NetBeans and Integrating Meera with Grails and NetBeans, and the responses so far are very positive. All this targeted for NetBeans 6.5; I think the result will be a top IDE for dynamic languages.

Even IBM's DeveloperWorks is covering Grails, their Mastering Grails Series includes 7 articles, from Introduction to Grails to Grails and Legacy DataBases. I've skimmed the articles and they look good. Their list of AppServers "somehow" does not include GlassFish server, but don't be distracted - it should work, and if they don't, it's a bug we will fix :-)

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