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If learning how to write Ajax enabled web apps is one of your New Year's resolutions then check out the following blogs.

My blog, Building web 2.0 apps with jMaki uses one of the layout templates, glue code to tie widgets together and the injector code to load pages within a div tag to create a web application. The glue code ties the Yahoo Geocoder and Google Maps widgets. The injector is used to load the page containing those widgets in the div tag genereated by layout template and navigation is done using the Dojo fisheye widget.

Jennifer published two blogs at roughly the same time. Fun with jMaki: Using the Yahoo Geocoder service with the Dojo Combobox also uses the Yahoo Geocoder but she used the Yahoo Map and a combobox to select the city to map. More Fun with jMaki: Getting Data From a Bean shows how to get data from a bean using an EL experssion to a widget (in this case ComboBox). The data is converted to JSON format using the org.json libary.

Finally, checkout the new project jmaki-charting. This friend of jMaki project provides a charting widget which can be added to the jMaki framework. It's open source, freely available and it supports Java, PHP and Phobos.


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