jMaki Beta 1.0 is out


jMaki Beta 1.0 release is available for download. jMaki is a framework that provides a lightweight model for creating Ajax-enabled web applications. It provides an extendable and customizable insulation between your application code and many of the JavaScript toolkits (Dojo, Yahoo, Google, Mochikit and others) out there today.

See Greg's blog for details about the beta. Some highlights are

  • jMaki Styles - CSS layouts and templates that act as frameworks for your web pages
  • jMaki Widget Model - A simple widget model based on HTML templates, CSS, and JavaScript. This can be used to wrap widgets from other toolkits or create your own re-usable widgets.
  • jMaki Glue - Listens for publish/subscribe events and calls shred JavaScript handlers based on the event.
  • NetBeans plugin - Drag and drop pre-configured jMaki widgets into a page, and configure the widgets using property editors.


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