Jersey 1.1.1 EA - Now in an Update Center Repository


Jersey 1.1.1-ea (see Announcement) is now available at the DEV Update Center repository. This means you can update your GlassFish to this development module with a couple of clicks.

Follow the same instructions as for the latest Mojarra/JSF to discover and install the module; see our previous post for details.

The Update Center technology and repositories leverage IPS and GFv3's modularity (built on OSGi) to make updates, upgrades and additions very easy. The technology supports multiple repositories, local, intra-net, or remote and can be used not just to deliver updates to GlassFish but also all sorts of functionality on it, from Sun, its partners, your partners, your group, your IT shop, etc...

This is a significant change to the way we currently address these tasks and we are still improving all the pieces of this chain. I'm considering organizing a couple of online webinars on the topic later in the summer to get more details out but also to get your feedback and do some additional brainstorming.


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