Jersey 1.0.3 released, coming to a GlassFish Update Center near you


Paul is announcing the release of Jersey 1.0.3, an update to the open source, production-quality JAX-RS reference implementation. You can download it today or, if you're using GlassFish, simply wait a little bit for it to appear on your GlassFish Update center (both v2 and v3).

New features include Guice 2.0 integration, developer-defined WADL-based resource classes, building on Grizzly 1.9.8, integrated use of MIMEPull, EJB Session beans as resources, improvements to the client API, new samples, more documentation and a new test framework. Check Paul's blog entry for details and proper community attributions.

If you're looking for a list of Jersey-specific features (vs. what the JAX-RS specification mandates), check this post. The team is now en route to Java EE 6 with an upcoming implementation to JAX-RS 1.1.


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