JDJ Reader's Choice - It's that time of the Year...

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It is that that time of the year: the polls for the JDJ Reader's Awards are open. Not many changes from previous years: a good intention but the poll methodology is intrinsically problematic as it is heavily biased by who hears about the poll and goes to vote.

Still, since some people and press pay attention to the result, please consider going to the JDJ Web Site to vote.

There are many categories; some products that are associated with the GlassFish Community include:

•  GlassFish - under Free App Server and Java Open Source Product
•  Sun's SJS AS - under Commercial App Server (also free - SJS AS is a distro of GlassFish)
•  Open-ESB - under Enterprise ESB
•  Open Message Queue - under Message Queue (nice showing! maybe the word is getting out)
•  JPA - under Java Persistence Architecture
•  Hudson - under Build tools
•  JWSDP - under Best WS tool

A bit farther afield, it is harder to make a full list, but "Products" listed that have worked with GlassFish include NetBeans, Derby, the Java EE 5 Tutorial, MyEclipse, Sun's JVM and JDK, Facelets, jRuby, Spring Framework, EJB, JSF, JDBC and JAX-WS, NetAdvantage, JasperReports,...


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