Final Approval Ballot - We have a go!

As previously explained, JSR 348 is there to change the JCP itself and add transparency to the process.

The results for the Final Approval Ballot are in with 25 YES votes, 2 ABSTAIN votes (Google and Vodafone), one NO vote and 4 non-votes (both Executive Committees were voting). And that's 5 months to complete a JSR from the day it was filed.


Here are two (pseudo) random changes taken from the proposed final draft to give you sense of what will change :

"Attendance at meetings is mandatory. Missing two meetings in a row (whether teleconference or face-to-face meetings) results in loss of future, not yet started, JSR ballot and EC voting privileges."

"The Maintenance Lead must submit to the PMO at least quarterly a list of all implementations that have been certified as compatible and that have been released publicly or commercially. The PMO will publish this information on the JCP website."

For the latter part, Sun and now Oracle has been publishing the list of certified Java EE implementations.

Also, remember that this the first of two JSRs to change the JCP itself (the shorter one too). And in other JCP news, a new voting period has started, closing on October 30th (see list of SE/EE nominees, some really strong ones...).

Update: the JCP blog has more details on the EC ballot.


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