Business Trends - JBoss, Spring Framework, and eXo

A couple of recent Red Hat announcements are relevant to the competitive landscape around the GlassFish products:


Red Hat announced Open Choice, which notably includes support for the Spring Framework. Also see the Press Release, Rich's note, and reactions from The Register and Rod Johnson; and, for historical/wider context, recall Oracle and Spring.


The second announcement is the eXo and JBoss Partnernship, which seems quite similar to our partnership with Liferay around Sun GlassFish WebSpace Server. See Rick's post, the PR and comments at CMS Watch.

Additional business context for all these moves include our Partnership with Liferay, the immediate release of Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3, the Oracle announcement, and even the JSR299 and JSR330 exchanges. The next few months will be interesting...


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