JBoss joins the Java EE 6 parade


Almost two years after shipping their Java EE 5 product and a year after the release of Java EE 6, RedHat has now released JBoss 6.0, a Java EE 6 Web Profile product. Congratulations to the team at JBoss on this community release!

This release adds another player to the growing list of JavaEE implementations which means more choice for developers. This is another case of "Cooperate on standards (and JBoss has certainly done its share for Java EE 6), compete on implementations".

Speaking of competition, it's important to note that this is a community release and that respective JBoss and GlassFish business models are different (with JBoss 7 as the basis for the supported offering).

This release has been unusually light on announcements and blogs. Here are a few that I could find: JBoss AS 6 GA released! (J-Development), JBoss AS 6 Released (Gavin), and a somewhat older post by Mark Little. Update: here's the formal announcement.

Finally, this JBoss release should soon be listed on the official JavaEE compatibility page.


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