Jazoon 2009 and GlassFish Day


GlassFish Day at Jazoon (register) is only a week away and the (almost final) agenda has been posted (Marek will stand in for Harold for the Metro talk) and is now included in the GlassFish events iCal feed. This is the second year in a row we're running this free event on the first day of the Jazoon conference in beautiful Zurich.

While not an unconference, this is meant to be an informative and pretty laid back day with lots of opportunities to interact with other attendees and the various speakers. Please make sure to register if you plan on attending (we have some space left in a nice and comfy theater).

Given the energy spent by the organizers and Christian in particular, visiting literally dozens of JUGs around Europe, I expect Jazoon to be yet another successful Java conference. James Gosling will be the first keynote speaker (other Sun speakers are listed here). Get the full agenda there and a dedicated Google iCal feed here.


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