ClassLoader Magic - JAX-WS/JAXB 2.1 on JDK6 Without Using Endorsed Standards

Picture with ClassLoader's Magic

Since Java SE 6 includes JAX-WS 2.0 and JAXB 2.0 the straight-forward way to upgrade to the updated maintenance specifications requires using endorsed standards. But Kohsuke has figure out a way to apply some ClassLoader Magic so that this is not necessary. The result is a transparent experience.

ClassLoaders have always been part of the trickiest part of the Java platform; see for example this report from the First JavaOne; I'm looking forward to having a moment to read carefully Kohsuke's description.


You know, if Java 6 hadnt shipped with a WS stack this would be unneeded. Its fine for the runtime to bundle an XML parser, even an XSL engine, even though the XSLTC one included raises lots of ant support calls of the kind "Junitreport runs out of memory". however, WS-\* is too fast moving/unstable to be built into the runtime. Unless every point release of java6 includes the latest update, the SOAP stack is going to rapidly age to the point where it becomes unusable.

Posted by Steve Loughran on February 06, 2007 at 06:26 PM PST #

You are correct but it is/was a tradeoff between distribution and stability and I still think it was the proper decision at that time. The WS-I BP part of the WS specs is actually quite stable. Hopefully Java SE 7 will come with some modular system to help with things like this - eduard/o

Posted by eduardo pelegri-llopart on February 06, 2007 at 11:06 PM PST #

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