JAX-WS and Applets ... and NetBeans and Dilbert

A Dilbert Cartoon inside a browser

Here are three blogs by Sameer, Geertjan and Cay in the area of Web Services on downloaded rich clients.

In the first blog, Sameer describes how to Use JAX-WS from within an Applet; then Geertjan elaborates on it using NetBeans in his entry on JAX-WS, Applets and Dilbert (that is why there is a Dilbert Cartoon in the image). Sameer then describes how to convert this into a Java Web Start application with a simple JNLP Configuration.

The area where things get more complicated is around signing the JARs (documentation); Cay's most recent blog Raises Usability Questions; also see the comments to that blog and those for Stan's Blog. Let me see if I can get Tim and Vince involved in this thread; they have been Posting on Java Web Start for a number of months.

BTW, check the Dilbert entry from This Sunday. I think most of us will appreciate it... :-) :-).


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