JavaOne Catalog ... And James' T-Shirt Proposals

The interactive catalog for JavaOne 2010 is now available. The catalog covers Oracle OpenWorld 2010JavaOne 2010 and Oracle Develop 2010, although you can search each event separately

The whole thing is big - the front page for OOW claims over 1,800 sessions; the online catalog gave me 1,573.  JavaOne and Oracle Develop are bundled as a single package; they share "The Zone" around San Francisco's Hotel Nikko, Hilton San Francisco, and Parc 55 hotel, while OOW is at the Moscone.

It will be interesting to see this new incarnation of JavaOne; I know I'll miss the old Moscone.

I do not know what, if any, plans there are around T-Shirts.  Just in case, James has put two themes together - timed to the 15th Bday for Java: Tempest in a Teapot and Cyberspace Needs Trees. Variations in different formats available at Duke.Kenai.Com.


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