JavaOne 2011 Slides (a beginning)

Whether you are attending JavaOne 2011 or not, you'll probably be interested in downloading slides used at the conference.

They are starting to show up on the conference content catalog , so here are a few ones that are relevant to Java EE and GlassFish :


Oracle GlassFish Server in the Virtual World (25041)
Service Orchestration Requirements for Java EE PaaS Runtimes (25361)
Enterprise JavaBeans Technology 3.2 (23180)
Enterprise SOAP: Advanced "Off the Wire" Features (24784)
Introducing Contexts and Dependency Injection 1.1 (22480)
Java EE 6 Tools Support: What Do You Need? (25065)
Java EE 6: The Cool Parts - Part 1 (21641)
Java EE 6: The Cool Parts - Part 1 (21641)
Java EE Web Container in the Cloud (22340)
Java EE Web Security by Example (17340)
JAX-RS 2.0: What's in JSR 339? (22800)
Strategies and Best Practices for Highly Scalable Java Persistence Applications (25145)
The New JSR 107 Caching Standard (24223)
Using OAuth with RESTful Web Services (24761)
Cloud-Enabled Java Persistence (24445)

While getting PDF slides is great, I think you can expect more.


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