JavaFX SDK Preview is here!

Get JavaFX SDK

Sun has just released the Preview of the JavaFX SDK. This release targets developers and scripters, is available for Windows and Mac and has the following content:

• The JavaFX compiler and runtime (2D graphics, media libraries)
• Command-line tools (javafx, javafxc and javafxdoc)
• NetBeans plugin (build, preview, debug)
• Project Nile: add-on to Adobe tools to product JavaFX
• Documentation, tutorial, samples

This is all available in an all-in-one download and provides more content than the community site.

The relationship to server-side computing is in the way JavaFX clients can interact with Java-based back-ends (including with client-side dependency injection for things like web services or EJB references). Get previous coverage on JavaFX by following the javafx tag.


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