JavaFX 1.3 SDK - New Features and a 100d Release

JavaFX 1.3 is now available.  This is the first release of JavaFX under Oracle - in O's terminology, it is a 100day release - and incorporates Oracle's copyrights, marks and logos, as well as the approach of presenting the license on website prior to download rather than during the installer.  We should expect similar changes in other 100d releases.

There are several coordinated releases: the JavaFX 1.3 SDK, the JavaFX 1.3 Production Suite, and NetBeans 6.9. See What's New for a full list.

The NetBeans release includes a beta for the JavaFX Composer, as well as other tutorials (like this Sample Logo).  The SDK release includes support for JavaFX Desktop, Mobile and TV.  Plenty of links from the downloads page.   Steve Chin has a nice overview: JavaFX 1.3 Top 10 Features and Jim Weaver has a sample tutorial in Your Calendar PWN3D. Also, Kevin's latest Java.Net poll is on What's the most important enhancement on JavaFX 1.3.

Congratulations to all the teams that got this release out. We are working on our own 100d release as part of the GlassFish Roadmap and we know how much work it involves.


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