Java.Net Migration is Opt-In!

There is a piece of Sonya's announcement that should be highlighted: the migration of Java.Net projects to the new Kenai-based infrastructure is OPT-IN. As Dalibor also points out:

Any project owner can request that we move their projects, and any community leader can request that we move specific projects in the community. Any project that is not specifically requested by name via the opt-in form by November 30, 2010 will be purged when the CollabNet site goes dark.

We will be keeping tarballs of the CollabNet contents and will be able to distribute them after the site goes dark, however projects that request migration are our top priority.

The opt-in form is here: You can see the list of projects already requested here and here. I checked with Sonya and she says she will provide a better list at as soon as it comes up (which should be on Monday - cross fingers).


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