Java.Net Availability Still Unfolding

As we reported yesterday, Java.Net is under a DDOS attack (seems somewhat similar to this one). The Sun and CollabNet teams are working hard to address this but it's taking longer than we all want, so here are a few useful links that apply to GlassFish and Hudson.


First, because the services used by our projects come from multiple infrastructures, some sites have not been affected (knock on wood - or toca ferro). The following seem to be unaffected:,,
• Downloads at including:
   GF v3, including GF v3 nightly and GF v3 promoted,
   GF v2, including GF v2.1 and GF v2.1 nightly,
   GF v2.1.1, including GF v2.1.1 promoted and GF v2.1.1 nightly,
   Eclipse Bundle; also see more d/ls at GlassFish.
• Downloads of NetBeans and Hudson
• Kohsuke also created SVN mirrors at including:
   hudson, glassfish-scripting, glassfish grizzly, hk2 jersey.

For the case of Hudson, there is a run-time impact due to the plugin-store which has been addressed in the latest build, but see Dealing with Outages, and also see this discussion of longer-term solutions.

I'll add more useful links as I find them / people report them to me. Thanks for your patience while we deal with this situation.


Is still down? I can access nothing on the domain, regardless of the project.

Posted by James Stephenson on November 03, 2009 at 03:02 AM PST #

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