Java EE Clients - with or without ACC and Java Web Start

Patrick Secheresse has recently published detailed step-by-step instructions on writing Java EE clients (a topic dear to Tim's heart) using GlassFish and NetBeans:

•  EJB 3.0 Web Start Application Client (no more InitialContext().lookup(...);)

•  Programmatic Login from a Stand-Alone Client (full GlassFish documentation here).

The Java EE Clients can be either batch or interactive Swing or JavaFX UIs and use pretty much any Java technology or library you like. The main interest in using the Application Client Container is to have dependency injection work on the client tier for things like security context, remote references to EJB or Web Services, and even transaction context, all hosted by the GlassFish application server.

There are a few drawbacks such as the size of the files you need to download. For that matter the Java Web Start File Caching may come handy. An overall smaller footprint and better customization of generated JNLP files are part of the future plans.


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