Java EE Books, an update

It's been a while since we did the last JavaEE and GlassFish book review. A few months back, this O'Reilly post detailed the book market in 2010 asserting that "Java experienced the biggest gain in units" making it the #1 language (see graph).

In the current book industry climate it's remarkable to see a good number of new JavaEE and GlassFish books. Here are some recent ones we came across :

3rd edition of Antonio Goncalves' Java EE 5 book, updated to use GlassFish 3.0.1.

Another French book covering Java EE and GlassFish 3.1. More coverage here.

Very recent book from Adam Bien, available from

Covers various JSF libraries and environment options including NetBeans/GlassFish.

Great coverage by David Heffelfinger of all Java EE technologies with GlassFish as the preferred runtime.

By Java Champion Yakov Fain. Covers Java overall with Java EE 6 section (using GlassFish).

Most of these have electronic editions. Wether you get it when buying the paper version is another story...

We're most likely missing some books here, so please feel free to comment and we'll complete the list.


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